Starbucks employee faces firing over tattoo

Starbucks Employee Faces Firing Over Tattoo

It's smaller than a penny, but a tiny tattoo of a heart could cost one woman her job at Starbucks.

Fired over tattoo?
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Starbucks employee faces firing over tattoo

Starbucks' dress code policy prohibits any employees from having visible tattoos, like this one, which belongs to Kayla, a 27-year-old Barista in Michigan.

Kayla told Fox News she was hired with the tattoo almost five years ago, but it's only now becoming a problem.

She said, "It's a little heart you can cover up with your thumb. It's not offensive ... I don't think it was ever mentioned to me when I was hired."

Even though she's able to cover it up with makeup at work, her managers told her she had 30 days to begin a removal process, or she would have to find work elsewhere.

And while the coffee company discourages workers to display their ink, a realty company is actually offering a raise to anyone who gets a tattoo.

The owner of Rapid Realty is giving employees a 15 percent pay bump if they get a tattoo of the company logo. Last year, as many as 40 employees jumped at the offer.

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