'Sister Wives' reveals complications of family dynamic

'Sister Wives': Will The Show Be Renewed for a Sixth Season?
'Sister Wives': Will The Show Be Renewed for a Sixth Season?

On the "Sister Wives" season finale, Kody and the wives did a chronological slideshow of their entire family and how they all came together.

Kody described his wife Janelle as "really pragmatic and down to earth, we didn't really have a romantic relationship." Christine explained, "There had to be a second wife before I could marry into the family. I always just really wanted to be a third wife." Yeah, polygamy is complicated.

Hollywood Life explained that Kody described his marriages as both "beautiful" and "troubling," but they are all treated as separate, committed marriages -- because nothing says "commitment" like having four different wives and enough children to fill a small village.

And Enstars brought up some of the previous drama with Meri -- saying that she admitted to not feeling as important once the other wives entered the picture.

Despite the jealousy assumptions, Celebrity Dirty Laundry said the episode brought a "new understanding" to the Browns' family dynamic.

Still, the Examiner pointed out the question that every fan of the show has on their minds: Has "Sister Wives" been renewed or canceled for a sixth season? TLC didn't announce the fifth season until it was already filmed and ready to go, so the future of the show is still up in the air.