Family uses baby monitor to catch burglar

Family Uses Baby Monitor To Catch Burglar
Family Uses Baby Monitor To Catch Burglar

The owners of a family business in Alabama took matters into their own hands after a storage space behind their home was broken into three times in less than three weeks.

WALA reports that, "This time we put a baby monitor out, and we heard him over here rumbling around."

The noise from the baby monitor woke the Stapletons, who quickly called police. Law enforcement told WKRG their idea gave police the opportunity to catch the burglar.

"They were proactive ​in protecting their property and set up this makeshift alarm system, which alerted us."

After a high-speed chase, police arrested the suspect. Officers were able to return some of the stolen items to the family the next morning.

The Stapletons' story got us thinking about other clever ways people have caught burglars.

We found stories about an Ohio homeowner who had been robbed multiple times in less than a month, so he tricked the thief, says WCPO.

​He set up a trap by moving his car to make it look like nobody was home. When the burglar showed up, the homeowner held him at gunpoint until the police came to arrest him.

KWTV says another homeowner in Oklahoma caught a burglar coming out of his front door and managed to hog-tie him. He left the suspect in his front lawn until the police came to get him.

But just because these daring means worked for some homeowners doesn't mean they're recommended.

In fact, SafeWise, a website that provides security and community safety tips, suggests you stay in a safe area and call the police if a burglary is taking place while you're home.

Since the burglary, the Stapleton family has installed a professional security system, which SafeWise also suggests.

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