South Korea starts funding 'bride schools'

South Korean 'Bride Schools' Prepare Women For Mail-Order Marriages
South Korean 'Bride Schools' Prepare Women For Mail-Order Marriages

You may not be able to teach "love," but it looks like you might be able to teach someone "how to be a bride"... more specifically, a mail-order bride. Mail-order marriages have boomed in South Korea over the span of the last fifteen years, but many marriages fall apart just as quickly as they started.

The Washington Post reports that instead of cracking down on mail-order brides, the South Korean government is taking steps to improve them. In addition to new regulations, the government is funding a number of "bride schools" in Vietnam, which introduces women to the language and culture of their new home before receiving a visa.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, those who are applying for a resident-by-marriage visa must pass a Korean language proficiency test and provide proof of an income equaling more than $13,000 (US.) Potential brides are only exempt if the other partner can prove they make enough money to support the other, or the couple is able to communicate in a different language.

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