The tiny house movement

The Tiny House Movement
The Tiny House Movement

Let's be honest: size matters. For some, bigger is better. But a growing number of people are actually settling down with smaller.

It's called the "tiny house movement" and it's pretty straight forward.

While many Americans are dreaming about someday owning a giant, lavish mansion - others dream of dramatic downsizing...we're talking 500 square feet or less!

An architect involved with the movement told Bloomberg, "It shows people how little some need to be happy, and how simply they can live if they choose."

This might sound a bit bogus, but living in less could actually get you a lot more. A few of the perks include: No mortgage- building your own miniature home makes it exactly that: Yours.

You can even put it on wheels for easy mobility...just in case you really can't stand your neighbors.

It's much cheaper! Utilities for these humble huts cost a lot less than that the thousands of square feet many Americans dream of having.

And there is NO skipping on a swanky pad. Homes can feature those nice hard wood floors or stained glass windows and sleek appliances you've had your eye on in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Of course, you probably won't be hosting many dinner parties - but hey, less mess to clean.

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