No matter what polls suggest, the debate goes on

LeBron Enough To Make Cavs Contender?
LeBron Enough To Make Cavs Contender?

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From the world of 'you can truly manipulate numbers to say anything you want them to', LeBron James now rates as the world's most popular male athlete, toppling six-time NBA champion and hoops deity Michael Jordan after a 13-year run of dominance.

In a miniscule reflection of just over 2,000 voters, the Harris Poll supposedly gauged the inner-most feelings of the masses and concluded that King James now holds their hearts, the gaping substance over style advantage Jordan still clearly holds over him be damned.

Ah, the irony. As recently as 2011, James' "Decision" to abandon his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to join Dwyane Wade in Miami dropped him out of the Top 10 among the world's most popular athletes, yet we're now to believe "Decision 2" is enough to instantly elevate him to heights he has never reached before.

The survey revealed James was most popular among the youthful demographic of 18 to 36 year-olds, and to that I opine youth is indeed wasted among the young. Check the tape, view the footage, learn your history.

James will never be Jordan and the former's six to two advantage over the latter in NBA titles doesn't tell the half of it. The distinction Jordan merited he earned through competitiveness and loyalty, sticking with the Bulls for six long and laborious seasons before his teammates grew to the point of being able to bring the franchise a chip.

Meanwhile, James approach has been infamously different, at least up until this month when he suddenly, only two NBA titles in, realized he was a native of Cleveland and his hometown was in a depressed economic state.

But the Harris poll will now have you believe The King, nonetheless, sits at the head of the throne, the true vibe of most the commoners be damned.


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