'Redneck Run' stampedes for 'Jamboree in the Hills'

Music Festival Getting Attention For 'Redneck Run'
Music Festival Getting Attention For 'Redneck Run'

A certain music festival is probably unlike any other: people get up really early, some even stay the night in order to be at the front of the line ... to race for their spots, and they call it the 'Redneck Run.'

"All these people who think they're special getting these reserved seats at all these other concerts and stuff. You don't get near the enjoyment unless you come out and earn it."

'The Redneck Run' takes place every year at the four-day country music festival called Jamboree in the Hills. The event is held in Morristown, Ohio and is a two-time winner of the Special Event of the Year Award.

You may have heard of a Redneck Run before, as there are 5K races with this name across the country.

But in this race your prize is the best seat in the house. 'The Redneck Run' is the festival's tradition which takes place every morning. Along with having a wristband, the proper shoes and an 8X10 tarp, you've got to be "pumped and ready to rock" in order to participate.

We're not sure when the stampede tradition started, but the earliest video found of the run was from '07.

We do know the concert has been going on for more than 36 years, though.

WTVY showed footage from local station WTOV and commented on how quickly these concert-goers claim their spots. And no, the video is not sped up.

The events Facebook page was pretty pumped about making it on national television, too. Some big artist names in the 2014 show's lineup are Keith Urban, Little Big Town and Tim McGraw. And if you're a country-music fan, those award-winning artists are probably worth running for.

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