Dad has creative method for styling daughter's ballet bun

WATCH: Dad Has Creative Method For Styling Daughter's Ballet Bun
WATCH: Dad Has Creative Method For Styling Daughter's Ballet Bun

We've got to hand it to our dads -- they can be pretty ingenious. This was proven by one father who had to come up with a way to put his daughter's hair into a ballet bun for dance class.

Earl: "This is daddy's version of the bun. ... Spin!"

​Jordyn: "Remember Daddy's version of the bun!"

It's perfect -- seven-year-old Jordyn gets to practice her pirouettes while her father, Earl Hayes Raglin Jr., does her hair.

Since Raglin uploaded the video to YouTube on July 5, it's gotten more than 150,000 views and plenty of comments about how adorable the pair is.

It's also been shared more than 27,000 times on Facebook. Maybe some other dads are taking notes.

NBC spoke with Raglin, who said: "If it's something [Jordyn] wants to do, I will try my best to do it, and if I can't, I'll learn until we get it right. I'm just a normal dad doing fun things with my kid."

One blogger for The Gloss really enjoyed Raglin's creative approaching to bun-making, writing: "Neither of my parents could ever figure out how to do a bun that easily. My mother tried, but we always just wound up fighting over whether or not she was pulling my hair (she was)."

Now, dads, if you feel you're not quite at Raglin's level on the hair-styling scale, don't fret.

The Internet is filled with how-to videos just for dads so they can learn how to do simple hairstyles for their daughters, like a braid and the basic ponytail.

It turns out Raglin created the video because Jordyn wanted to be in a YouTube video. Best dad ever!

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