12-year-old boy steals school bus ... again

Twelve Year Old Steals School Bus... Again
Twelve Year Old Steals School Bus... Again

A twelve-year-old Florida boy is accused of stealing a school bus... again.

According to Franklin County police, middle school student Michael Propst was arrested Wednesday after taking a school bus for a joyride, and apparently this is the second time the tween has pulled the stunt in under a month.

Propst allegedly stole his parents car late Tuesday night, but then ditched it when he saw a school bus sitting at an elementary school. But that ride came to a halt when he was pulled over by police. He was charged with trespassing on school property, grand theft auto, and burglary of conveyance.

On June 24th, he was arrested after driving a school bus 15 miles to a Walmart. For that crime he was charged with grand theft of an item worth more than $100,000, and felony criminal mischief.

Police told the Huffington Post that he being charged as a minor but the city attorney has the option of charging him as an adult.

As crazy as this sounds, stealing buses and taking them for a spin happens more than you might think. Just last month, a 20-year-old Staten Island man stole a MTA bus from the ferry terminal. And New Yorker Darius McCollum became something of an urban cult figure after being arrested nearly 30 times for stealing MTA buses, subway trains, and impersonating transit workers.

These people know they can just apply to be bus drivers, right?