WATCH: Plane almost hits whale in Alaska

WATCH: Plane Almost Hits Whale In Alaska
WATCH: Plane Almost Hits Whale In Alaska

It was a close call in Angoon, Alaska, last week when a small plane almost collided with a whale -- and amazingly, the whole thing was caught on video.

OK, you might have missed it: The small bump there that almost looks like a wave is actually the top of the whale's head coming out of the water to clear its blowhole.

Thankfully, the pilot quickly maneuvered to avoid hitting the marine mammal.

CNN spoke with Thomas Hamm, the man who took the video. Hamm, who was watching the plane come in from Juneau, said: "All the sudden, the pilot advanced the throttle and I didn't know why. I thought, 'Oh something must be wrong.'"

What makes this story even most interesting, though, is that Hamm told CNN the pilot didn't even realize he'd almost hit a whale. He was simply reacting to shouts from people on nearby land when he quickly lifted his plane higher above the water.

This actually reminded us of another close call that took place back in June. A pilot manning a small plane almost hit a sunbather on a beach in Germany. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Whales are a pretty common sight in Alaska. According to Alaska Whale Tours, these animals migrate from Mexico to Alaska every year, usually reaching Alaska in April. The whales then stay around the Last Frontier State through the end of September.

Speaking of whales, have you seen these crazy photos captured when two blue whales flipped a boat?

How about this whale momma and baby that delighted us with their piggyback ride?

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