Unique couple's first date has gone viral

Unique Couple's First Date Has Gone Viral
Unique Couple's First Date Has Gone Viral

A video of a first date has gone viral, and the couple might surprise you.

"Hi Dad! Are you ready to get ready for the date," the little girl excitedly asked her father.

"I am ready for the date," the father exclaimed.

Father Aaron Dickson and his three-year-old daughter Analynne went to their back porch and enjoyed some carrots and sandwiches.

He told ABC why: "Just a chance to remember this moment, when I have a three-year-old and a two-year-old."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had reached nearly 8,000,000 views, and while many YouTube users think it's adorable, a lot don't realize it's actually an ad.

Dickson is a co-founder of an insurance company called BeCause of Camilito, which gives all its profit to a children's charity and believes the following:

"There are plenty of kids out there who don't have a dad like the one in the video, and when they get their insurance through us they can impact kids' lives all over the world."

Not everyone thinks the video is cute, though -- and the word "date" usually implies some sort of romance. Some took to YouTube to express disgust:

One wrote, "This is absolutely disgusting! A grown man should not be dating a child!"

Another wrote, "Eww... on so many levels."

Dickson can count on support from at least one dad, though. Freelance writer Rob Jenkins says children, especially daughters, make judgments about men through their dad's behavior, and the best fathers can be good role models through "daddy-daughter dates."

The video was fittingly made for Father's Day.

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