The 56 United States of America?

The 56 United States Of America?
The 56 United States Of America?

Could there be 56 United States of America? That's what one billionaire is pushing for in California.

Timothy Draper says he has the signatures to put that big idea, he calls the "Six Californians," on a ballot. The venture capitalist submitted the first batch of petitions with more than 1 million signatures to election officials, which is more than enough to qualify the measure.

A video on the initiative's website draws out, literally, how things will be split. Draper, who has spent $4.9 million of his own money trying to make this happen, says the Golden State needs a "reboot." He said in a press release that the state is just too big to govern and splitting it would boost the economy and make it easier to govern.

But a poll shows 59% of Californians aren't up for it. Even if does win voters over in 2016, Congress would have to give it the official stamp of approval. Good luck with that.