Dangers of reporting highlighted by gunfire at murder scene

Dangers Of Reporting Highlighted By Gunfire At Murder Scene
Dangers Of Reporting Highlighted By Gunfire At Murder Scene

A reporter covering a murder scene in Beckley, West Virginia, is unhurt after she says someone shot at her while she was shooting video.

"Gunfire so close she felt it fly past her head as she stood behind the camera."

"When I saw that video, my heart sunk because I knew how close I had come to death."

WVVA's Annie Moore was at an apartment complex where a body was found over the weekend. That's when she says someone in a truck drove by and fired a gun. Now, the police are using her video as evidence in hopes of finding the shooter.

Moore's story has brought attention to some of the potential dangers that come with reporting - especially if you're by yourself, as HLN points out.

"You can tell she's a one-man band. I was a one-man band when I started in West Virginia, which means you're shooting your own video. So she was talking care of herself and doing her job, and that's frightening."

WVVA didn't specify whether Moore actually was alone but said she was shooting her own video when the incident happened.

Earlier this month, a reporter at another station in West Virginia said a man used the reporter's tripod to attack him as he covered a story.​

The man accused of attacking the reporter faces charges including felony destruction of property and malicious wounding. (Via WCHS)

Last month, The Huffington Post pointed out a KTVU reporter, who was with a photographer, had her purse stolen from the station's truck while she covered a story outside the Oakland Police Department.

In 2013, The New York Times observed KTVU wasn't the only San Francisco Bay Area station that was the victim of crime. In just one year, all the major TV stations experienced some sort of crime against them - prompting some stations to hire security guards.

The only description WVVA had for the suspect's car in the recent shooting was that it was an older model Ford pickup with a silver toolbox in the back.

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