Man robs bank where girlfriend works to buy engagement ring

Man Robs Bank Where Girlfriend Works, She Turns Him In
Man Robs Bank Where Girlfriend Works, She Turns Him In

A Michigan man robbed a bank while his girlfriend was working inside so that he could afford to buy her an engagement ring. But this wasn't any Bonnie and Clyde style heist. No, the girlfriend wasn't in on his plan ... and she turned him in.

On Valentine's Day, 22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri and accomplice 18 -year-old Alexander Gerth drove hundreds of miles to the Bradford National Bank in Illinois, where his girlfriend worked as a teller. Unbeknownst the the unnamed girlfriend, Fakhouri and his friend waited outside the bank while another a branch manager refilled the outdoor ATM machine. Wearing a mask and holding a pellet gun, Gerth approached the employee, took $26,000 in cash, and drove off with Fakhouri behind the wheel.

Employees in the bank, including Fakhouri's girlfriend, watched in horror. Apparently, after receiving a call from his terrified girlfriend, he jumped on a Greyhound bus and came back to comfort her.

Police eventually released a photo of the suspects exiting a nearby Walmart. The girlfriend got Fakouri to admit the image was him, and then she turned him into the police.

On Friday, Fakouri was sentenced to six and a half year in federal prison for his role in the crime. Gerth was arrested three days after the holdup and pleaded guilty back in April. He is awaiting his sentencing next month.