John Daly rocks SpongeBob SquarePants pants at British Open

By Dan Mennella

There was a brief time when John Daly's irreverence was a Story in golf. He wasn't good enough and was too self-destructive for interest in that narrative to last, but he's still managed to stick around as a pro, popping up occasionally as the flamboyantly dressed, mulleted, gamblin'-addicted, chain-smokin', crazy old uncle on tour.

And Daly took his clothes game to the next level on Wednesday, wearing what I presume are pajama pants pants with a Spongebob Squarepants print during practice at Royal Hoylake at Liverpool, the site of this year's British Open, which begins Thursday. You know, just rockin' the SBSPs at one of the storied courses in golf history. Daly was also sporting pink spikes, just in case the slacks were too subtle.

Daly, who endorses golf apparel from a line called Loudmouth, won the British Open at St. Andrews in 1995 (his second and most recent major), assuring him a lifetime invitation at the Open Championship. After he showed up in these duds, event officials may be reconsidering.

Daly's glory days may be behind him, but he never compromised his individuality.