Games so sweet they'll give you cavities

There was time in my life when I was addicted to Cake Mania. In Cake Mania customers come into your bakery and place cake orders. You then have to finish their orders in a timely fashion before they get impatient and leave. I loved this game so much I played the sequels, Cake Mania 2 and Cake Mania 3.

I think my love for the game had less to do with skill and time management and more to do with cake. The brightly colored cakes and frostings made my sweet tooth ache much like the deliciously vibrant candies that got me hooked on Candy Crush.

Still got a hankering? Modojo is here with five alternatives to Candy Crush Saga that'll satisfy those sugary cravings once and for all.

1.Cookie Jam

While Candy Crush Saga is content to place pieces of candy in front of players to tempt them with saccharine treats, Cookie Jam takes things to the next level with delicious confections that you "create" by completing puzzles. There's a veritable menagerie of French desserts you'll work to prepare, ranging from cupcakes to sugary donuts and delectable pies. Though the game is fundamentally similar to Candy Crush Saga as far as its game board and overall mechanics go, it's a much more difficult game with frustrating map shapes, seemingly unbreakable waffle cone foundations and levels that feel nigh impossible to collect all three stars in.

Download Cookie Jam for iPhone, iPad and Android

2. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania is a much more polished version of Candy Crush Saga in every way. It's what the juggernaut could have been with improved visuals, art direction and additional flourishes. Adorable characters accompany you on your journey to crunch up all the sweets, and there are also miniature boss encounters that break the monotony of simply clearing level after level, making strategic matches and attempting to divert the inevitable purchase of power-ups with real-world currency.

Download Candy Blast Mania for iPhone, iPad and Android

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