Funeral home investigated after police find dead bodies

Funeral Home Investigated After Police Find Dead Bodies
Funeral Home Investigated After Police Find Dead Bodies

Police are investigating a Fort Worth, Texas funeral home after discovering a number of dead bodies two weeks after the tenants were ordered to vacate the property.

Dondre and Derrick Johnson, owners of Johnson Family Mortuary, were asked to leave the property by the building's owner. But on Tuesday, the landlord claims he went into the building and while he didn't find any living person, he found seven corpses.

The Johnsons are now defending themselves, saying, "We've done nothing wrong. This is a funeral home. This is where we keep bodies."

The buildings owner admitted that some of the bodies were embalmed and in caskets, and supposedly there are two funerals scheduled for this Saturday.

Police say it is still too early to determine how long the bodies have been in the building, but authorities are currently reaching out to the family's of the deceased.