Formerly conjoined twins celebrate big milestone

Formerly Conjoined Twins Celebrate First Birthday
Formerly Conjoined Twins Celebrate First Birthday

First birthdays are a special event for any family, but for two formerly conjoined twins in Texas, turning one was a miracle. In the beginning, doctors weren't sure they'd survive at all.

KXAS reports, "It's been a long journey for the pair involving multiple surgeries and health problems, but the boys are getting stronger."

Emmett and Owen Ezell, formerly conjoined at the stomach, celebrated their first birthday at home, just one month after leaving a rehabilitation center.

Conjoined twins are rare, occurring just once in every 200,000 births, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center

According to KXAS, the strength of the twins has brought their family closer, with many family members making the six-hour drive from Arkansas to celebrate their first birthday.

The boys' first year has been an up-and-down experience for their parents, Jenni and Dave.

"It's been a gambit of emotions and experiences, and it's been worth it."

According to the family's blog the babies are fed through feeding tubes, but that hasn't kept them from being active. Owen "performs feats of acrobatics with similarities to failed somersaults" while Emmett is "too chill to try acrobatics yet ... though when he sees a toy he REALLY wants, he will take a small tumble."

Supporters have wished the twins happy birthday and congratulations on their journey home on their Facebook page, Prayers for Emmet and Owen Ezell.

The boys still require medical attention, but Dr. Tom Renard, who separated the twins, optimistically told ABC in April "You can never predict what can happen but these little guys are definitely survivors."

An event will be held on July 24th at Medical City to celebrate the twins' birthday.

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