'Facts of Life' stars reuniting in new Hallmark movie

'Facts of Life' Stars Reuniting In New Hallmark Movie
'Facts of Life' Stars Reuniting In New Hallmark Movie

You might remember one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time, "The Facts of Life," an '80s show about boarding school friends.

The actresses who played Blair and Tootie, Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields, will be reunited on screen once again. The two stars will both appearing in the new TV movie "For Better or for Worse."

They haven't worked together on screen for 13 years, since the "Facts of Life" reunion movie came out in 2001, 13 years ago, according to IMDb.

"When they said they were going to hire Kim to play my friend, 'OK! I'll do that for free,'" Welchel said on Good Morning America about the experience that was "very much like riding a bike."

The two actresses have also kept in touch with another fellow star from the show, Charlotte Rae.

Recently Whelchel even posted an Instagram selfie with Rae, explaining they had lunch and Rae gave Whelchel advice, "just like old times."

"Good Morning America's" Lara Spencer even arranged for Rae to surprise the pair on the show.

"I know you'll be brilliant, and I love you," she said.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Diann Hunt. The movie airs July 19 on the Hallmark Channel.