Alleged intruder arrested at famed Kennedy Compound

Kennedy Compound
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Alleged intruder arrested at famed Kennedy Compound
The family of US Sen. Edward Kennedy, watch as his casket is carried by an Honor Guard, to a hearse at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts on August 27, 2009. Sen. Edward Kennedy died at his home on Cape Cod after a yearlong struggle with brain cancer at the age of 77. AFP PHOTO/POOL/Stew Milne (Photo credit should read STEW MILNE/AFP/Getty Images)
395497 01: (MASSACHUSETTS OUT) US Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) announces support for the US and British airstrikes targeting the Taliban and terrorists in Afghanistan October 7, 2001 at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, MA. (Photo by Stephen Rose/Getty Images)

Superstar Katy Perry was apparently on an intruder's mind when he broke into the Kennedy Compound Tuesday night.

As seen in raw video from, the intruder, who was wearing a Captain America T-shirt, was arrested by police Tuesday.

Police Say Intruder Looked for Katy Perry at Kennedy Complex

He wanted to speak to a member of the Kennedy family, WHDH said in an article published the night the incident happened.

But other outlets are contradicting that, saying police confirmed he was actually looking for Katy Perry in the Barnstable, Massachusetts, house.

Officers were tipped off by a man who is believed to be Ted Kennedy Jr. He apparently told police he called to check on his son. CNN reports that's when a stranger, 53-year-old James Lacroix, answered the phone instead.

A reporter for WFXT was trying to figure out the connection Lacroix thought Perry would have with the Kennedys.

"We do not know of any link between Katy Perry and the Kennedys. We do know that Taylor Swift dated a Kennedy cousin, but that was two summers ago."

We're stumped, too. Some reports say the man is a veteran with disabilities, but police have yet to confirm. We also aren't yet sure why we was looking for the pop star.

With fame typically comes random, stalkerish people. And Perry is no stranger to it.

In 2010, Daily Star reports the star was bombarded on Twitter by a woman sending nasty messages trying to get her to leave Russell Brand.

And Celeb Dirty Laundry pointed out a time Perry had a stalker stand outside of her home for two hours in 2011.

Lacroix was arrested for breaking and entering. He's expected in court Wednesday morning.
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