Ring found in Goldfish bag, 9-year-old Peyton Postol says

Young Girl Finds Wedding Ring In Bag Of Goldfish
Young Girl Finds Wedding Ring In Bag Of Goldfish

A nine-year-old girl in Utah found a shiny prize sitting in a bag of Goldfish crackers, only bags of Goldfish don't generally carry prizes: "I opened up and I asked my mom, is there supposed to be a ring in here?" Postol told WSPA.

According to Peyton Postol and her mother, Peyton found a woman's silver wedding ring. Her mother, Stephanie noted that she had to do a double-take, and now the family is asking how it got in there.

KTVX talked with a spokesperson from Pepperidge Farms, the company behind the popular snack, and they were shocked by the story. Even stranger, employees are instructed not to wear jewelry while on the job and required to wear gloves. The company notes that all bags go through a sensitive metal detector as well.

The ring and the bag of Goldfish have been sent back to Pepperidge Farms so they can look into the matter, and the Postols say they're hesitant to purchase any more Goldfish.