Polar bear 'depressed' in South American zoo

Polar Bear 'Depressed' In South American Zoo
Polar Bear 'Depressed' In South American Zoo

This is Arturo. He lives at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina and isn't doing well. His friend Pelusa reportedly died two years ago, and since then he's been on his own, braving the heat.

The temperatures can reach up to 104 degrees - which is obviously not an ideal climate for polar bears.

Arturo has been at the zoo for about 20 years and visitors say he's been exhibiting very unusual behavior like rocking and showing his teeth while pacing back and forth for hours. He's been dubbed the 'world's saddest animal.'

"He looks so sad, he really looks in pain and unhappy ... You can imagine a polar bear in a dessert with a swimming pool 50cm deep." "He's doing the same thing over and over and over and really it's an indication that he's going insane."

Last year, supporters urged the zoo to move the bear to Canada. Since then, support for Arturo has grown. Reddit users reached out for donations to help take action, and a petition on Change.org continues to push for his transfer.

Others have spread word about him on Twitter and YouTube, asking how long he will suffer before he gets help.

The zoo has not revealed any plans to move Arturo. The zoo's director says there's a chance the bear won't survive the two-day trip because of his age.

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