'KFC girl' receives new prosthetic eye

Mississippi Child Receives New Prosthetic Eye
Mississippi Child Receives New Prosthetic Eye

NAPLES, Fla. -- The 3-year-old girl who was allegedly kicked out of a KFC because of her appearance lost her sight now has a prosthetic eye. According to WAPT, the Simpson County girl was injured in a pit bull attack and is now Florida, where she received a prosthetic eye.

The family of the girl -- dubbed 'KFC girl' -- who was scarred by a pit bull attack said they will not accept $30,000 offered from KFC after claims that the girl was turned away from a Jackson restaurant.

A trip to Florida began the road to recovery for Victoria Wilcher. "(There's) a lot of work that has to be done for this child, and it has to be done right," Dr. Raymond Peters, who offered to help the child, said.

Victoria lost sight in her right eye when she was mauled by three dogs at her grandfather's house in Simpson County in April. "It has about killed me that my grandbaby almost died because of my dogs," said Donald Mullins, Victoria's grandfather.

Victoria's injuries gained national attention after her grandmother claimed they were asked to leave a KFC in Jackson because of her scars. The fast-food chain claims there is no evidence the incident ever happened and is a hoax, but the family stands by their story.

Peters, a prosthetics doctor from Naples, Florida, wanted to help out regardless."My business is that baby, to help that child," Peters said. "It just gives me so much gratification because I have children of my own, and I don't like to see children hurt."

Thanks to Peters, Victoria no longer has to wear an eye patch when she goes out. He was able to fit her with a new eye after several hours of work. Peters estimated she'll need about 20 more eyes as she grows over the next 10 years. A plastic surgeon in Las Vegas will now plane out a facial reconstruction process to eliminate scarring.

The family rejected a $30,000 donation from KFC.

A trustee -- who is not a family member -- will be appointed to oversee the money donated to Victoria to ensure it is used for her medical needs.