Google Maps street view catches thieves in the act

Google Street View Catches Thieves In The Act
Google Street View Catches Thieves In The Act

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police need your help identifying two armed thieves: They committed their crime back in 2011 and they probably think they got away with it -- if not for Google Maps.

But thanks to a recent online search, the victim just discovered that those suspects were inadvertently caught on camera on the day of the robbery. In July 2011, in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood, a woman living on this street walked into her home to find it ransacked.

She's still so fearful, she doesn't want us to reveal her identity: "They pulled a gun and held me for over an hour. There were times that I thought they would shoot me before they left."

But they didn't. When they got what they wanted they left. "I was lucky they didn't hurt me. I was very lucky that day," the victim says.

She thinks they may have even left with a little guidance in life, explaining, "He actually sat at my dining room table and said 'I think my karma is going to catch up with me' and I just looked at him like 'yeah.'"

Fast forward 3 years to this month when a friend was looking at her street on Google Maps and found two men who matching the description of the alleged robbers.

"The very next thing she texted me was a picture and it was a picture of the guys that robbed me standing in front of my house. Those are the guys that robbed me and she said I know they're on Google Maps!"

There they were. Their faces blurred by Google. Two men matching her description, one in blue and one in yellow, walking right in front of her house. The photo taken in the very month she was robbed.

"Truly they're just two kids walking down the street," she states. She says it's amazing with all the clues they left behind that the two have not been caught. She hopes someone will see this Google image and help her get justice.

"It's still pretty vivid. I can relive it every day, every time I walk in my home I can relive it."

If you recognize the two men's clothing or their build Oklahoma City police urge you to call Crime Stoppers at (405)235-7300.