Final FIFA World Cup power rankings

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Here are the final World Cup power rankings after Germany's big win:

Final World Cup power rankings
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Final FIFA World Cup power rankings

1. Germany 

Die Mannschaft was the best national side in the 2014 FIFA World Cup — by far. Head Coach, Joachim Low, lead Germany to its first World Cup win since 1990, making this Germany’s third ever World Cup win.

Germany dominated in nearly all aspects of the tournament. They scored the most goals of any team in the tournament with 18 as they proved to be powerhouses on offense and nearly unstoppable. Their finishing was top class with Thomas Müller, Toni Kroos, and Miroslav Klose behind the ball.

They completed 82 percent of their passes, and it was visible in their style of play. Germany was fantastic at passing the ball and held the second highest passing completion percentage of the World Cup.

Their passing skill resulted in the highest average possession per game out of any national team in the cup. Germany did very well holding the ball and were patient until an opening could be breached.

Manuel Neuer was magnificent and won the Golden Glove award. With 24 saves in the entire tournament, the German stood on his head and came out of his net to clear the ball when necessary. It was a pleasure watching Neuer revolutionize the way goalkeepers play their position.

Goals Scored: 18 (1st)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 82% (2nd)

Attacks: 314 (3rd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 72% (1st)

Possession: 58% (1st)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 24 (2nd)

(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

4. Colombia

Such a young squad with limitless potential.

The likes of James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado, Victor Ibarbo and David Ospina performed fantastic at soccer’s biggest stage. They are all youngsters waiting to reach their potential. When they do, Colombia will set their sights on the World Cup trophy.

It’s amazing what Colombia accomplished without their world-class striker Radamel Falcao. Many thought Colombia would still go on to win their weak group, but not by blowing each team out and then reaching the quarter finals.

Goals Scored: 12 (3rd)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 71% (27th)

Attacks: 156 (9th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 67% (3rd)

Possession: 47% (24th)

Completed Clearances: 84% (17th)

Saves: 22 (4th)

(Photo by Cem Ozdel/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

5. Belgium

Belgium is in a very similar scenario as Colombia.

The roster has a tremendous amount of talent, many are very young and have not reached their prime yet. A few examples are Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Adnan Januzaj, Romelu Lukaku and Divock Origi.

In four years when the 2018 World Cup rolls around, it would not be a surprise to see Belgium make a deep run in the tournament. They have the potential to win the cup in four years.

Goals Scored: 6 (9th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 75% (17th)

Attacks: 266 (5th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 53% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 95% (2nd)

Saves: 13 (13th)

(Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

6. France

France had a fairly successful World Cup. They were drawn into a decent group but were unlucky to face Germany in the quarter finals. France was a non-factor in that match and lost by a single goal.

The French missed Frank Ribery on the wing as Mathie Valbuena couldn’t produce.

The goals did still pour in, proving the French were a dangerous opponent for anyone.

Goals Scored: 10 (5th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 79% (5th)

Attacks: 223 (6th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 63% (12th)

Possession: 53% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 82% (22nd)

Saves: 10 (22nd)

(Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

8. Brazil

A young and very humble Brazilian team upsets its nation. What a shocker.

This team entered the tournament as favorites according to many analysts only because the tournament was held in their country.

Brazil didn’t have the best roster and they didn’t play well together. Brazil has lost its Brazilian touch, which the old roster with Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo used to have. Joga Bonito is a thing of the past for Brazil, and that is why they lost their dominance at the international level.

Brazil has a fairly young roster, and many players still have yet to bloom. We shall see what Brazil can do in 2018 when players like Neymar, Oscar, and Willian to name a few, reach their potential.

Goals Scored: 11 (4th)

Goals Conceded: 14 (32nd)

Completed Passes: 76% (15th)

Attacks: 319 (2nd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 65% (6th)

Possession: 54% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 79% (24th)

Saves: 10 (22nd)

(Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images)

9. Chile

Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, two superstars on the club level, performed as two superstars for their country. The two helped Chile beat Spain and go on to the round of 16.

Not many analysts had Chile coming out of their group, but the nation pulled through. Chile surprised many with their brilliant, original style of football. They were a pleasant surprise.

Goals Scored: 6 (9th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 77% (11th)

Attacks: 150 (10th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 50% (27th)

Possession: 55.3% (6th)

Completed Clearances: 83% (19th)

Saves: 18 (9th)

(Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

15. Bosnia

Bosnia is very similar to Nigeria when it comes to attacking. They didn’t have as many attacks as the African side, but their shot on goal conversion was the same. Bosnia did, however, score one more goal than Nigeria.

Bosnia wasn’t able to advance to the round of 16 despite courageous play.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 80% (4th)

Attacks: 132 (19th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 54.7% (8th)

Completed Clearances: 72% (31st)

Saves: 13 (13th)

(Photo by Ibrahim Yakut/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

16. Algeria

Algeria is a surprise inclusion in the top 16, but is understandable when looking at how they played.

They proved they can score when they poured four goals on South Korea, but their defense couldn’t hold up equally. The impressive display from their goalkeeper, Adi Mbolhi, wasn’t enough to stop the goals from coming in.

Goals Scored: 7 (7th)

Goals Conceded: 7 (25th)

Completed Passes: 68% (30th)

Attacks: 103 (26th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 59% (17th)

Possession: 41.3% (31st)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 23 (3rd)

(Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

18. Ivory Coast

Despite losing to Greece and not qualifying for the round of 16, Ivory Coast still played much better than the Greeks.

They scored one more goal and conceded the same amount. They completed more passes than not and converted more shots on target than Greece. Not to mention the completed clearance percentage was substantially higher.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 5 (16th)

Completed Passes: 79% (5th)

Attacks: 133 (18th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 55.7% (4th)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 8 (27th)

(Photo by Alex Livesey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

19. Greece

Greece didn’t deserve to make it to the round of 16 over the Ivory Coast, but a controversial penalty helped them advance.

Greece was ineffective offensively and defensively. They attacked more than enough but just barely got over half their shots on goal. They chose quantity over quality.

Goals Scored: 3 (21st)

Goals Conceded: 5 (16th)

Completed Passes: 75% (17th)

Attacks: 167 (7th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 52% (23rd)

Possession: 47.3% (23rd)

Completed Clearances: 78% (25th)

Saves: 11 (19th)

(Photo by Alex Grimm - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

21. Spain

The defending champs are once again unable to make it past the group stages the following World Cup. A new curse? Probably not. Spain just played poorly.

They had their passing play going for them, but it only got them so far. They couldn’t produce offensively, with only one goal in total against Holland and Chile. Then when they changed up their lineup against Australia they scored three. Clearly a lot of changes need to be made.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 7 (25th)

Completed Passes: 82% (2nd)

Attacks: 131 (20th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 66% (4th)

Possession: 56% (2nd)

Completed Clearances: 87% (10th)

Saves: 7 (29th)

(Photo by Alex Grimm - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

22. Russia

The Russians don’t have much going for them in 2018 if they continue to play like how they did in this World Cup. Three goals conceded in three games is okay for the Russian side, but only two goals scored is very poor.

They couldn’t complete passes as well as others, and thus their possession suffered.

Russia needs to fire Fabio Capello and hire someone who will understand the system the Russian roster can play under.

Goals Scored: 2 (26th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 74% (22nd)

Attacks: 134 (17th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 59% (17th)

Possession: 49.3% (17th)

Completed Clearances: 91% (4th)

Saves: 10 (22nd)

(Photo by Shaun Botterill - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

26. Ghana

What a mess. Ghana only converted 41 percent of their shots on target. It’s amazing how their players can be so inaccurate so many times. Their defense couldn’t hold up as they conceded two goals in each match they played. Passing was an issue as well for the African side, for they couldn’t complete enough passes to enjoy a healthy amount of possession.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 6 (19th)

Completed Passes: 73% (25th)

Attacks: 142 (12th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 41% (32nd)

Possession: 49% (19th)

Completed Clearances: 86% (11th)

Saves: 12 (15th)

(Photo by Dennis Grombkowski - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

28. England

England needs to fire Roy Hodgson and hire someone who will bring the best out of their youngsters. England has a roster full of tremendous potential.

Their defense needs a good makeover and Rooney needs to retire. In 2018 there could be a very different England side.

Goals Scored: 2 (26th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 78% (8th)

Attacks: 138 (14th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 49% (28th)

Possession: 54.3% (9th)

Completed Clearances: 83% (19th)

Saves: 6 (31st)

(Photo by Bob Thomas/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

30. Iran

Iran did a fairly decent job on defense, conceding only four goals against a very attacking group featuring Argentina, Nigeria, and Bosnia.

Attacking wise they were atrocious.

Goals Scored: 1 (30th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (8th)

Completed Passes: 64% (32nd)

Attacks: 74 (32nd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 55% (21st)

Possession: 34% (32nd)

Completed Clearances: 84% (17th)

Saves: 12 (15th)

(Photo by Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images)

32. Cameroon

Cameroon never really had a chance. They were poor in the front, in the back, on the wings. They were the worst team in the World Cup. Nothing went right for this African side.

Goals Scored: 1 (30th)

Goals Conceded: 9 (30th)

Completed Passes: 73% (25th)

Attacks: 100 (28th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 43% (31st)

Possession: 45.7% (26th)

Completed Clearances: 88% (8th)

Saves: 15 (12th)

(Photo by Clive Mason - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)


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