Weirdest festivals in the U.S.

Weirdest Festivals In The U.S.
Weirdest Festivals In The U.S.

If you love a good festival then you're in luck...We've rounded up a few of the weirdest, most unique festivals that are right here in the U.S. Starting in Wisconsin - where you can compete in the state's cow chip throwing competition. You can also watch a cow chip parade. And yes, cow chips are a euphemism for dry piles of cow poop.

And just in case you didn't think Austin was weird enough - every year the town comes together to celebrate Eeyore's birthday. In North Carolina, you can see...and hear... the National Hollerin' Contest, eat some BBQ and live music. They've been yellin' since 1969 to promote...well...Yeahhh....

This is every truck driver's dream... A roadkill cook off festival in West Virginia where the locals can enjoy several dishes of the most unprocessed meat around. But if that doesn't quite get your mouth watering...the folks of Gilroy, California, the Garlic Capital of the World, might be able to convince you to celebrate *their* favorite ingredient. Three whole days of garlic-themed goodness - including ice cream. But there's one festival that isn't tied to any specific town...

The Insane Clown Posse hosts an annual outdoor rap and rock music festival where all of its fans, known as juggalos, come to party. It's called The Gathering of the Juggalos -- but don't worry, they aren't as scary as they look. DanielCronin wrote a book about The Gathering and described the unique looking group as, quote, "Unapologetic and fiercely loyal to each other, they will welcome you with open arms-as long as you're not around to judge or poke fun."