71-year-old graduates college at top of class

71-Year-Old Grandma Graduates College At Top Of Class
71-Year-Old Grandma Graduates College At Top Of Class

Grandma's are usually associated with delicious baked goods and easy-going days in retirement, but this 71-year-old woman proves it's never too late to learn. Jerry Duncan just graduated from Kilgore College in Texas AND...she was valedictorian. She told KTYX, "I like to work... just because you've got a little age on you, don't let it stop you." She was an unlicensed nursing aide for 25 years, but was out of a job when her employer suddenly started requiring certification.

At an age when most people consider retiring, Jerry chose to take a few steps back and return to school. She was the oldest in her class, obviously, but also at the top academically. Jerry joins a small group of "wiser" college graduates.

Last year, 85-year-old Willaden Zedan received her bachelor's degree from Marian University in Wisconsin. And Leo Plass got an associate degree from Eastern Oregon University at the age of 99!