Latest social media trend is all about the booty

Latest Social Media Trend Is All About The Booty
Latest Social Media Trend Is All About The Booty

Unless you've been living under a rock far, faraway from social media - you're pretty familiar with selfies. But a new trend that's sweeping the self-obsessed Internet world is bearing a different set of cheeks. It's called a belfie and incase the picture doesn't spell it out for you, it's all about the booty.

Plenty of celebs have jumped on the belfie train- obviously Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and friends, Rihanna- with her more subtle belfies...And Heidi Klum, just to name a few. And we'd be crazy not to reference the glutes queen, Jen Selter! She basically became famous for her derriere. It even landed her a spread in Vogue.

But you don't have to be a fitness pro or a celeb to get belfie ready. Nope! If you want to post a pic of your posterior for all your friends, teachers, co-workers and future bosses to see... some salons offer a booty beauty service. Like at The Gloss in New York - they offer butt facials! With their "Shiney Hiney" facial, you can let someone get all up in that for 30 minutes to exfoliate, cleanse and steam your butt. Awesome.