So long, Drake -- looks like Rihanna has a new man

Thu, July 10, 2014 8:20pm EDT by Hollywood Life Staff

It looks like Rihanna, 26, has gotten over Drake, 27, in a big way! Queen RiRi was spotted with Cliff Dixon during Fourth of July festivities at Hooray Henry's in West Hollywood, Calif., and they were looking pretty intimate! Could he be her newest conquest? Read on for 5 things to know about Rihanna's new maybe-boyfriend!

1. Cliff Went On A Date With Rihanna

OK, so, obviously, Cliff went on a date with RiRi. But here are the deets: they were at Kevin Durant's Fourth of July pool party on the same day that she was snapped at Hooray Henry's; he was her date to both! Whether it was a friendly date or a romantic one, we can only speculate for now, but they looked pretty close!

2. Cliff Dixon Was A College Basketball Player

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Cliff played basketball at Western Kentucky University, where he scored an average of 4.8 points per game during his time on the team in the 2009-2010 season, according to Hollywood Take, though he was kicked off the team midway through his senior season for rule violations. Oh, Rihanna - you just can't get away from bad boys! Kidding.

Cliff also had a tryout with Brazilian team Vivo/Franca Basquete Sau Paulo in 2012, and he played for the Lake Michigan admirals - a minor league - in 2013.

3. Cliff Dixon Is An Instagram Flirter

Cliff's #WCW (that is, Woman Crush Wednesday) on July 2 - right before his date with Rihanna – was none other than RiRi herself!

More damning than that is the Instagram he posted on July 9. Again, it was a picture of Rihanna, with the caption reading: "She said they gonna hate no matter what, I said the PJ ready, Where you wanna go for lunch?" Hey, Cliff, no one's hating yet! We've just met you!

4. Cliff Dixon Is NOT Kevin Durant's Half-Brother

Cliff is totally BFF with Kevin Durant, forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder – not his brother, nor his half-brother, as many outlets have been reporting. Clearly, something has been lost in translation - Cliff and Kevin might call each other brothers, but they mean it in the friendly way!

5. Cliff Dixon Is Friends With Rapper Big Sean

Cliff is friends with rapper Big Sean; he was at Kevin's Fourth of July party, too, and was even photographed talking to Rihanna! Jealous, Cliff? Kidding, again.

So, HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Cliff? Surely, not much is known about him yet, but given what we know so far, do you think that he's a good match for Rihanna? They certainly run in the same circles!

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