Polar vortex expected to make a summer return

Polar Vortex Expected To Make A Summer Return
Polar Vortex Expected To Make A Summer Return

Those who endured the winter's Polar Vortex may be in for a repeat performance of sorts.

Meteorologists say that those in the North and Northeast should brace themselves for the unseasonably cold summer temps predicted to return starting around July 14th.

Those living in the Great Lakes region will feel it first and then the chill will begin move east.

Weather experts aren't suggesting that down parkas and snow boots be dug out of storage, but locating some long pants and sweatshirts is highly advised.

Midwesterners will see highs of 50 to 60 degree. Morning lows could drop as far as 40.

By late in the week those on the East Coast can expect a 10-degree drop from what they're used to this time of year.

Temperatures under 50 aren't predicted except in the mountains, but it's still too early to say what they'll be for sure.

Regardless, record setting is anticipated.

On an upside, the week of the Polar Vortex's return is typically the hottest one of the year, so people will be saved from the misery of that.

But here are some memories from this past winter to keep you cool in the meantime:

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