'Hot Cop Of Castro' is New Cyber-Sensation

'Hot Cop Of Castro' Is New Cyber-Sensation
'Hot Cop Of Castro' Is New Cyber-Sensation

San Francisco seems to have gotten a little steamy after people in the Castro district have taken notice of a so-called "Hot Cop." A Facebook fan page was made for the 'Hot Cop' in late June and already has over 20,000 likes.

The 'Hot Cop' is Officer Chris Khors from the San Francisco Police Department, who's been in the force for six years. Officer Khors says he's not used to all this attention, but he's having a good time with it and is just going with the flow. He told KPIX, "It just makes me happy that, to them, I can be approachable."

It all started when amateur photographer, Mark Abramson posted pictures of Officer Khors to his Facebook page, and had no idea that the quick shots would reach a ton of viewers. But Abramson claims there's more to him than just his good looks. KNTV reports, "He's just really charming and warm and nice. He's just a great guy."

Turns out Officer Khors didn't even know about all of the commotion until his coworkers printed and posted articles about him over the walls at the office, The Daily Beast reports.

And now that there's a 'Hot Cop' AND a 'Hot Convict' making national headlines, a San Francisco news station felt the need to make a 'Who's Hotter?' poll, asking people to vote for their favorite.

We guess that might depend on if you prefer a man in a blue uniform or an orange one. At last check, Mr. Khors was leading.