What caused 'Flip It Forward' cancellation on HGTV?

Was 'Flip It Forward' Cancelled Over Hosts' Religious Beliefs?
Was 'Flip It Forward' Cancelled Over Hosts' Religious Beliefs?

Last May the cable network HGTV canceled the show "Flip It Forward" -- which was set to premiere in October. But it's the question of why that has the Benham brothers still making headlines.

It was set to star twins David and Jason Benham as they tried to teach families how to flip houses.

HGTV never publicly gave a reason for the cancellation, but some suggest it was because the twins openly support anti-abortion.

HGTV only tweeted this:

The cancellation was announced the day after Right Wing Watch, a non-profit organization, wrote a scathing article about the brothers and their beliefs, along with the beliefs of their father, Skip. It also pointed out a time when David reportedly said homosexuality is "attacking the nation."

But show or not, David tweeted back in May that the brothers were committed to helping out the six families that would have been featured on the show.

A sentiment they shared on "FOX & Friends" Thursday morning. On the show, the brothers pointed out HGTV did still help.

"They went above and beyond for these families ... HG was still throwing in some funds ... So now these houses are complete ... Hopefully these families are going to do really well."

So, why was the show canceled? During a CNN interview in May, David and Jason were quick to point out HGTV never explicitly said it was their beliefs that got the show shut down. But, they also suggested HGTV was "bullied" into canceling the show.

"That's just not true. HG never said that. We actually feel really bad for HG that they were pushed into this position. They simply said that we need to part ways."

And both the New York Daily News and The Huffington Post allude to the brothers' beliefs as the reason the show was canceled in their headlines.

TMZ reports HGTV knew about David and Jason's views before the show started filming and that the crew was completely "blindsided" when it pulled the plug.

Those crew members are now out of a job and have to look for work elsewhere.

In a video posted on YouTube, the brothers showed off one of the houses they had begun working on for the show, but finished up after the cancellation happened.

See the brothers' entire video here: