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Updated FIFA World Cup power rankings after semifinals

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Here are the World Cup power rankings before the final:

World Cup power rankings before finals
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Updated FIFA World Cup power rankings after semifinals

1. Germany 

Germany is far and away the best team in the tournament right now. They are unstoppable. They have proved that even against the best they show no mercy. A 7 to 1 thrashing of host country Brazil placed Germany way up top as the number one team.

Their offense is flourishing. They have scored the most goals this tournament and boast the highest shot on goal per total shot percentage out of all 32 teams.

They have been second best with completing passes and are tied with Argentina for keeping the most possession.

Manuel Neuer has also been extremely solid in net, coming up with 24 saves the entire tournament. This is only second to Tim Howard with 28 saves.

Goals Scored: 17 (1st)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 82% (2nd)

Attacks: 250 (4th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 73% (1st)

Possession: 58% (1st)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 24 (2nd)


4. Colombia

Colombia got off to a tremendous start but were unlucky and fell victim to the only day that Brazil decided to show up and perform.They have an incredibly young squad and to everyone’s surprise they did this all without their world class striker, Radamel Falcao. This nation has a bright future in their national team, and will be a big threat come 2018.

Goals Scored: 12 (2nd)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 71% (27th)

Attacks: 156 (9th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 67% (3rd)

Possession: 47% (24th)

Completed Clearances: 84% (17th)

Saves: 22 (4th)

(Photo by Cem Ozdel/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

5. Belgium

All the critics lashed on their defense but stats do not lie. Belgium conceded the second least amount of goals, and completed the second highest percentage of clearances. On top of that they had an outstanding performance from young goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, with 13 saves.

Their offense was the talking point heading into the World Cup, with the likes of Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and other elite club players. However, as Belgium produced the third most amount of attacks, they only scored nine goals.

Belgium also has a very young team, and have a lot to look forward to in the next four years.

Goals Scored: 6 (9th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 75% (17th)

Attacks: 266 (3rd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 53% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 95% (2nd)

Saves: 13 (13th)

(Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

6. France

Once upon a time, France was my favorite to win it all. The French pulled off a decent World Cup; better than they expected. Four years ago they didn’t make it out of the group stages, so this is definitely a big step forward. Their offense was dominant, but their defense was the biggest surprise. They conceded only three goals in five games, an outstanding achievement.

Goals Scored: 10 (5th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 79% (5th)

Attacks: 223 (6th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 63% (13th)

Possession: 53% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 82% (22nd)

Saves: 10 (22nd)

(Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

8. Brazil

Oh where to start.

Brazil entered the tournament as favorites by many. Their roster wasn’t nearly as good as Germany or Spain, but since the World Cup is in Brazil then the hosts have to win! Right? Wrong.

Brazil clearly felt the pressure of their fans expecting them to win. In their first game they struggled to find the net until Croatia finally broke down. Then against Mexico they couldn’t score once. Cameroon was an easy opponent and still struggled until they finally broke through.

In the first round of the knockout stage, Brazil had to go to penalties with Chile. That was a huge scare for the host nation, as the country was almost eliminated in the round of 16.

Their only good outing was against Colombia, where they dominated their South American rivals.

In the Semi Finals, they showed that with all the pressure building up they could not stand a chance against a really tough opponent. The seven goal thrashing they faced against Germany was laughable and pitiful.

Goals Scored: 11 (4th)

Goals Conceded: 11 (32nd)

Completed Passes: 75% (17th)

Attacks: 276 (2nd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 67% (3rd)

Possession: 53% (10th)

Completed Clearances: 80% (24th)

Saves: 9 (26th)

(Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images)

9. Chile

Chile was a pleasant surprise in this World Cup. After beating Spain two goals to none they seemed like a tough opponent. They were unlucky to lose to Brazil in the round of 16 for they were the better team in regulation time.

Hopefully Chile carry on with their progress and make a deeper run in 2018.

Goals Scored: 6 (9th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 77% (12th)

Attacks: 150 (10th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 50% (27th)

Possession: 55.3% (6th)

Completed Clearances: 83% (19th)

Saves: 18 (8th)

(Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

14. Bosnia

To my surprise Bosnia did not make the round of 16. The way the played was outstanding and they were unlucky to not progress further.

Bosnia’s pass completion percentage was the fourth highest of all teams. Their shot on goal conversion was eighth best. And their defense only allowed four goals. That’s a few outstanding number for a team that couldn’t qualify for the round of 16.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 80% (4th)

Attacks: 132 (19th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 54.7% (8th)

Completed Clearances: 72% (31st)

Saves: 13 (13th)

(Photo by Ibrahim Yakut/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

16. Algeria

Like Nigeria, this African side threatened Germany in the round of 16. Other than that they proved they can outplay big countries like Russia, and pour on goals like they did against Korea.

Goals Scored: 7 (7th)

Goals Conceded: 7 (25th)

Completed Passes: 68% (30th)

Attacks: 103 (26th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 59% (17th)

Possession: 41.3% (31st)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 23 (3rd)

(Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

18. Greece

Greece was a surprise inclusion in the round of 16 with their late penalty win over Ivory Coast. They have a high-flying offense, having the seventh most number of attacks. However, three goals in four matches really tells you how productive those attacks are.

Goals Scored: 3 (21st)

Goals Conceded: 5 (16th)

Completed Passes: 75% (17th)

Attacks: 167 (7th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 52% (23rd)

Possession: 47.3% (23rd)

Completed Clearances: 78% (25th)

Saves: 11 (19th)

(Photo by Alex Grimm - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

19. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast showed its seniority in this tournament with a narrow escape of Japan and poor outings against Columbia and Greece. They did well passing the ball around and keeping possession, but their high shot conversion rate couldn’t get them any more goals that they needed. Their average defense couldn’t get them in the round of 16 either.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 5 (16th)

Completed Passes: 79% (5th)

Attacks: 133 (18th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 64% (8th)

Possession: 55.7% (4th)

Completed Clearances: 85% (13th)

Saves: 8 (27th)

(Photo by Alex Livesey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

21. Spain

Having the second best passing completion percentage and possession only got Spain so far.

Having those stats that Spain did, its baffling how they didn’t qualify. Conceding seven goals and only producing one in their first two games was probably the reason … I don’t know, just a guess.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 7 (25th)

Completed Passes: 82% (2nd)

Attacks: 131 (20th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 66% (5th)

Possession: 56% (2nd)

Completed Clearances: 87% (10th)

Saves: 7 (29th)

(Photo by Alex Grimm - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

22. Russia

The 2018 World Cup hosts don’t have much to look forward to in four years for they simply don’t produce good young talent. Their team is old and tired, and they are relying on Fabio Capello to turn it all around. Ha.

Goals Scored: 2 (26th)

Goals Conceded: 3 (2nd)

Completed Passes: 74% (22nd)

Attacks: 134 (17th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 59% (17th)

Possession: 49.3% (17th)

Completed Clearances: 91% (4th)

Saves: 10 (22nd)

(Photo by Shaun Botterill - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

26. Ghana

Ghana was a mess. They had the worst shot on target conversion percentage and were terrible with keeping the ball. They are a very young Ghanaian team, and hopefully we can see more from them with time to come.

Goals Scored: 4 (15th)

Goals Conceded: 6 (19th)

Completed Passes: 73% (25th)

Attacks: 142 (12th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 41% (32nd)

Possession: 49% (19th)

Completed Clearances: 86% (11th)

Saves: 12 (15th)

(Photo by Dennis Grombkowski - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

28. England

England deserves this spot with the way they played. They were walking half the time and didn’t seem to care for what is going on.

Their defense was terrible and needs an entire line change. Roy Hodgson needs to get out as soon as possible, clearly he cannot manage anything in England.

England is a mess. But, they have tremendous potential to get better. In four years their young studs in Sterling, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Barkley will have plenty of time to gain valuable experience.

Goals Scored: 2 (26th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 78% (8th)

Attacks: 138 (14th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 49% (28th)

Possession: 54.3% (9th)

Completed Clearances: 83% (19th)

Saves: 6 (31st)

(Photo by Bob Thomas/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

30. Iran

Iran’s defense was a shockingly pleasant thing to watch as they almost ended up drawing with Argentina. Of course Messi was on the end of things to win it all once again, but still the effort was there. They only conceded four goals in three matches.

Their offense is what has them so far down though. One goal, 74 attacks, 64 percent of their passes completed, and 34 percent possession … yikes.

Goals Scored: 1 (30th)

Goals Conceded: 4 (9th)

Completed Passes: 64% (32nd)

Attacks: 74 (32nd)

Shot on goal per total shots: 55% (21st)

Possession: 34% (32nd)

Completed Clearances: 84% (17th)

Saves: 12 (15th)

(Photo by Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images)

32. Cameroon

Cameroon is last because they simply had it all. Their offense was poor, and so was their defense. They conceded the most goals after only Brazil. They scored the joint least goals with Iran and Honduras. They created very few attacking opportunities. They couldn’t pass or keep the ball in their possession. The only statistic that seems appealing is their clearance completion percentage.

Goals Scored: 1 (30th)

Goals Conceded: 9 (30th)

Completed Passes: 73% (25th)

Attacks: 100 (28th)

Shot on goal per total shots: 43% (31st)

Possession: 45.7% (26th)

Completed Clearances: 88% (8th)

Saves: 15 (11th)

(Photo by Clive Mason - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)


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