Ship wreck explorers solve decades old plane wreck mystery

Explorers Accidentally Find Decades-Old Plane Wreck
Explorers Accidentally Find Decades-Old Plane Wreck

A group of explorers who hunt for ship wrecks for fun got a bit of a surprise on their last adventure.

They didn't find a ship wreck. They found a plane wreck and solved a decades-old mystery in the process.

The three explorers from Rochester, NY stumbled on the air force plane at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

It went down in 1952 -- after the engine failed and its 5-men crew parachuted to safety. The coast guard searched for it, but came up empty.

62 years later, the three ship wreck explorer friends went out on an afternoon search -- they joke that they like to sit in their boat with a beer in their hand, watching their sonar do the dirty work.

There it was, 200 feet below the surface, in almost perfect condition.

The guys say that they will leave it there for other ship wreck searchers to enjoy -- calling the wreck "it's own little museum."

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