'Extant' series premiere: Is Halle Berry pregnant with an alien baby?

'Extant' Series Premiere: Is There An Alien Baby In Halle Berry's Belly?
'Extant' Series Premiere: Is There An Alien Baby In Halle Berry's Belly?

On the highly anticipated series premiere of "Extant," Molly Woods, played by Halle Berry, found out she was pregnant after a 13-month-long solo trip in space. Obviously, this poses the question, how on earth ... or in space ... is she pregnant?

It seems like she was impregnated by an alien? This still doesn't really make sense: When Molly went to playback the footage, because yes, she recorded the encounter, we only saw her ... no one else. Creepy.

As Philly.com notes, the new summer series from executive producer Steven Spielberg, is about an astronaut who's trying to reconnect with her scientist husband and their son after her mission in space.

According to The Daily Beast, CBS was prompted to do another sci-fi Spielberg-produced event series after the initial success of another CBS show "Under The Dome" which became a huge hit, at least until the story went stagnant.

But it's still unclear what direction 'Extant' is going to take from the one hour premiere. Some critics called the pilot "vague" and filled "with too many plodding plot devices and stock characters."

Still, the series premiere of the show got viewers excited and got 'Extant' trending on Twitter. Berry has had a TV past, but her return to the small screen has been highly anticipated.

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