Celebrity dermatologist charged in drug scheme

Celebrity Dermatologist Fights Jail Time
Celebrity Dermatologist Fights Jail Time

A celebrity dermatologist to the stars has more to worry about than fighting wrinkles... now she's fighting a possible jail sentence.

Dr. Cheryl Karcher allegedly forged more than a dozen prescriptions for painkillers... using her patients' names and filling them at pharmacies around Manhattan.

Prosecutors say she has quote - hundreds if not thousands of Percocets and Klonopin that she got through the fake prescriptions.

Karcher is a bit of a celebrity herself- frequently appearing on CBS, CNN and contributing to the show "the Doctors".

And recently she became the official dermatologist to Miss Universe...

But we don't think she'll be making any television appearances again any time soon.

Karcher has two young children- and police say she seemed surprised when they arrested her.

She recently tweeted about juggling her kids and her job... saying

Are you kidding? I have a 4 yr old and 7 yr old....and, I have to look good for my job...can't have any down time! #getsummerfit

Maybe it all just got to be too much to handle?
Karcher pleaded not guilty and was released without bail.