Woman receives death threats for pro-life photo

Woman Receives Death Threats For Pro-Life Photo
Woman Receives Death Threats For Pro-Life Photo

A military wife from West Virginia posted a picture on social media on Independence Day in front of an American flag with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

From the moment Holly Fisher posted that photo, she began receiving a lot of flack from critics on social media for her conservative beliefs.

A parody Twitter account for a character from the HBO series "The Newsroom" even tweeted out "Where Have I seen that pose before?" and then went on to compare Fisher's picture with one of the terrorists who blew herself up in a suicide bombing attack in Israel in 2004. That image has been retweeted more than 900 times.

And this round of criticism comes just days after Fisher posted a photo of herself outside a Hobby Lobby store after the Supreme Court made its controversial decision - deciding the company could claim a religious exemption when it comes to providing contraception coverage to employees.

That post automatically earned her the nickname "Holly Hobby Lobby" in the media. International Business Times says as soon as the second picture was posted, Fisher earned a new title: "The American Taliban."

Atheist blogger Michael Stone wrote on the blog Patheos, "While Holly Hobby Lobby is just a social media clown out for attention, she represents a dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism that enjoys flirting with, if not threatening real violence," at the same time calling her out as "the new face of American Taliban."

But Fisher does have supporters out there.

A writer for The National Review wrote, "The woman on the left is a peaceful American citizen with a husband in the military. She has never killed anybody, and nor does she have any desire to."

The Inquisitr reports the criticism has gone so far Fisher has even received death threats.

On Wednesday, Fisher spoke with Fox News anchors about the situation, saying her young daughter has even been brought into the mix by critics.

"I can take the criticism upon myself, I mean I know that's gonna happen. But for anyone to go so low as to wish death on a baby ... it's just, it's just shocking." (Via )

But don't expect Fisher to take her pictures down.

She told a writer for Liberty News, "I have always been extremely conservative and passionate about my views. The last few years of the growing hates and intolerance among the 'tolerant' left has made me want to stand up and speak out. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to show where I stand."

It does seems like Fisher is able to make light of the situation a little bit. She went on to tell the Liberty News the only regret she had was she didn't brush her hair for the picture.