Teen reacts to body shaming in most awesome way

Teen Reacts To Body Shaming In Most Awesome Way
Teen Reacts To Body Shaming In Most Awesome Way

Carleigh O'Connell looks like she's posing for a beach scene in New Jersey -- but she's really just being super awesome: The 14-year-old stood proudly above graffiti that was reportedly meant to insult her.

Carleigh heard from friends about the hurtful spray painted message -- and yes, at first she was upset ... but then she decided to turn it around.

She took the photo and showed her mother who posted it to Facebook with the caption, "...for me as the mom....I type this with tears in my eyes. Not tears of sadness or anger for I will never give anyone that is mean that much power. Tears of joy knowing that my daughter can face negativity with a smile and sense of humor."

Others responded with just as much support. One commenter called her amazing and encouraged her to "rise above the haters!" while another said Carleigh, "has learned a very valuable life lesson at a young age ... many of us take years to learn how to handle negativity with dignity!" And plenty of Facebookers said they would kill to have a tush like hers.

Carleigh says she felt empowered when she took the photo and hopes her story will inspire others.

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