David's tragic story, romantic proposal on 'Extreme Weight Loss'

'Extreme Weight Loss': Tragic Story & A Romantic Proposal
'Extreme Weight Loss': Tragic Story & A Romantic Proposal

On "Extreme Weight Loss," a man named David with a tragic past made the transformation of a Lifetime, and his story had a heartwarming ending.

The 30-year-old started at a weight of 413 pounds, approximately 225 pounds overweight. He put on the weight after the loss of his younger brother and sister.

During David's senior year of high-school, he went out with his friends when he was supposed to be looking after his younger siblings, and while he was out his younger brother found their Dad's gun cabinet, got a gun out, and accidentally shot and killed his youngest brother. Just six weeks later, David fell asleep before giving his younger sister seizure medication and she ended up passing away after having a seizure in her sleep.

As Broadway World notes, David was left with an incredible amount of guilt, but with the help of Chris as his trainer, he was able to work through his emotional baggage to finally lose the weight. But there was one more surprise in store for a very special person in David's life.

David proposed to his girlfriend of seven years, Kayla, who stood by his side despite his weight. Trainer Chris Powell called Kayla the girlfriend of the year, and Kayla was proud of David for finally losing the weight so they could start the next chapter of their life together.

Fans on Twitter were ecstatic for the couple, calling David's proposal slick and sweet.

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