Behold the anchovies: Tiny fish swarm Calif. coast

Behold The Anchovies: Tiny Fish Swarm Calif. Coast
Behold The Anchovies: Tiny Fish Swarm Calif. Coast

As a pizza topping, you probably either love them or hate them. But if you were off the coast of La Jolla, Calif., early this week -- you likely couldn't escape them.

Millions upon millions of anchovies swarmed the California coast Monday. It was the most scientists had seen in around 30 years.

The tiny, finger-sized California anchovies were spotted by researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Scientists aren't so sure as to why they're so close to the shore. While these kinds of anchovies are known to gather in schools, they normally stick to cooler waters than the 75-degree shores of the San Diego Coast.

The swarm, which was reportedly about 15-feet-deep and as wide as a football field, had apparently dissipated by Tuesday, but scientists did manage to reel in a few samples.

According to San Diego's KSWB, anchovies are now primarily harvested for use as bait and in feed for other fish. Oh, and of course for pizza, that is, if you can stomach it.

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