Typo leads to early release of convict

New Orleans inmate Isiah Spencer, 30, served just 3 months of his 33-month sentence before being released in error Friday.

According to WHNT, 'Court records show the minute clerk for Section K of Orleans Parish Criminal Court entered Spencer's sentence as three months at Orleans Parish Prison, instead of the 33 months indicated in his guilty plea.'

WWLTV has the background on Spencer's arrest:

'Spencer was arrested on an aggravated battery charge in August 2013, but was later indicted for second-degree battery and false imprisonment. The arrest warrant says the victim told Spencer she didn't want to have sex with him the night of the beating, so he punched her on her left side, kicked her in the same spot while she was down, then stomped on her back.

The warrant states the victim told police she 'became paralyzed,' couldn't move and was in 'indescribable pain.'

Spencer took her phone and wouldn't let her call for help until the next morning.

According to CNN, Spencer beat his victim so badly that she had to have surgery to have her spleen removed.

The judge whose signature is included on the court document did not return a call seeking comment Thursday.

CorrectionsOne.com notes that 'the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office said they reached out to the court to correction the error when they found out about it. The victim in the case will receive victim assistant services until Spencer is recaptured.'