Parrotfish photobombs unsuspecting divers with a smile

Fish Photobombs Unsuspecting Divers With A Smile
Fish Photobombs Unsuspecting Divers With A Smile

What's better than an animal photobomb? An aquatic animal photobomb! Check out this parrotfish who was definitely ready for his close up off the coast of Key West.

This little guy popped into frame when Sophia Roth the owner of Snuba, a local diving tour company was posing for an underwater photo.

As you can see, the parrotfish is the supermodel of the sea thanks to it's perma-smile. That big toothy grin is what gives the parrotfish their name, as their teeth are all tightly packed in a mosaic on the outside of their jaw bones giving the look of a beak.

Clearly the parrotfish can do some textbook 'smiling with your eyes' -- your move, Tyra Banks!

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