Lawsuit reveals donated blood can be sold for profit

Lawsuit Reveals Donated Blood Is Sold For Profit
Lawsuit Reveals Donated Blood Is Sold For Profit

When you donate blood, you may get a bit dizzy, but it's a great feeling to know you've helped someone in need for free. Well, maybe.

The Oklahoma Blood Institute, supposedly a non-profit donation service, is currently in a legal battle with General Blood, a blood bank.

OBI claims General Blood owes more than $420,000 for blood it delivered, revealing to many donors that their blood is sold.

So while you're just giving it away at the clinic, some companies are selling it off for profit.

According to court documents, your precious fluid is worth as much as $300 a pint. But what's really disturbing is that even expired blood can be sold at a reduced rate.

It takes 42 days for red blood cells to expire, but other elements, like platelets, expire in as few as five days because they can't be refrigerated.

According to The Oklahoman, OBI works with companies like General Blood to avoid wasting product. It also claims it's not selling the blood but all the equipment it takes to get it into the patient.

General Blood's chief executive says about 99 percent of Americans don't know their blood is sold, but blood banks aren't allowed to pay donors.

The company is counter-suing for $14 million alleging the non-profit violated a confidentiality agreement with a lab in Utah.

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