Employee returns stolen $200 ... 15 years later

Employee Returns Stolen $200 15 Years Later
Employee Returns Stolen $200 15 Years Later

A confession and payback ...15 years later. Pamela Hedges and her husband Gibbs have owned a sports bar in Nebraska for 30 years. They said they recently got a letter from an employee who worked for them 15 years ago. In it, the employee confessed to stealing money.

The worker wrote, "Not only was I a flaky employee, I also stole from the drawer when I worked. I want to make sure you know I was appreciative of the job and that I regretted stealing from you. Please accept this check for what I estimate to be how much I stole. I hope you are both well." Attached was a check for $200.

ABC spoke with the employee who asked to remain anonymous. The worker said they reached out to the former employers because they still felt regret.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I expect an employee to do something like this," bar owner Pamela Hedges told ABC. "Must have been some sleepless nights. That was pretty impressive."

If you think 15 years is a long time to carry around guilt, a thief in Michigan returned $800 he stole from a store 30 years ago. He wrote an apology to the store and police -- and even included a little extra for the trouble.

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