Stunning scene caught in wedding photo

Tornado Crashes Newlywed's Wedding Photos
Tornado Crashes Newlywed's Wedding Photos

Check out these wedding photos! No, they aren't photoshopped - this whirlwind romance is very real!

Post by Photography By Colleen Niska.

Usually bad weather would be considered a bad omen, but this Canadian couple showed no fear on their big day while a tornado tore through the skies behind them. Most people might run - but their photographer, Colleen Niska, saw a crazy opportunity.

Niska told CBC News the new bride spotted the tornado first, then the couple agreed the photoshoot could keep going.

Weather reports confirmed two tornadoes touched down in the area. They didn't create quite as good of a scene as they reportedly destroyed a few building and dropped baseball-sized hail.

The newlywed's photos are being compared to those of an Oregon couple that made headlines earlier this year. A wildfire created a breathtaking background. Now lots of people are praying for a bad-weather wedding.

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