Mom fights Facebook over edited photo

Mom Fights Facebook Over Removed Photo
Mom Fights Facebook Over Removed Photo

By: Huffpost Live

A North Carolina mother is fighting with Facebook after she posted a photo of her daughter that was deemed inappropriate.

Photographer Jill White says she was just trying to recreate this iconic Coppertone ad with her 2-year-old daughter and her daughter's friend.

But when she posted the photo to the brand's Facebook page, someone reported it, and Facebook reportedly asked her to remove it. She ignored the warning and then Facebook banned her from the site for 24 hours.

After that she uploaded this edited version that Facebook says is within their guidelines, even though it was also reported. White faces a lifetime ban from the site if she posts the original photo again.

Facebook responded saying the picture was banned because it showed her daughter's nude bottom, which is against their policy.

Even Coppertone has recreated their old photo several times. Now, it features a girl wearing a full-piece swimsuit or a t-shirt.