Women Publicly Dump Two-Timing Boyfriend

Women Publicly Dump Two-Timing Boyfriend
Women Publicly Dump Two-Timing Boyfriend

Forget texting, forget calling and forget the awkward meet-up! Two women in the United Kingdom found a new way to dump a two-timing boyfriend. They purchased a huge banner saying "Steve Frazer, You're dumped by both of your girlfriends" - and those passing by and social media users ate it up.

As one woman tweeted, "I wouldn't want to be Steve Frazer... Man dumped by 'both his girlfriends' in banner over A1."

Chronicle Live notes the two women met each other and decided to dump their boyfriend in a big way, so they commissioned the large sign along a busy road.

The women's names are reportedly Nicola Morland and Angela Illingworth, and they had never met before their scheduled meeting. But as "Good Morning America" hosts and others in the media pointed out, the ex, Steve Frazer, seems to have a type. The two British women look remarkably alike.

With the banner being displayed on an overpass, thousands saw it.

But according to Metro, Morland didn't think the sign would get such a reaction.

Frazer's mom also spoke out about the banner, calling it "cruel." "He's not a mass murderer you know, it was just a stupid joke," she told Chronicle Live. "He's not a bad lad."

The banner has since been removed, but it's obviously already gained a lot of attention.