Waitress fired for posting on Facebook about bad tips

Waitress Fired for Posting on Facebook About Bad Tips
Waitress Fired for Posting on Facebook About Bad Tips

An Ohio waitress is learning the hard way that what you post on Facebook can cost you your job.

Texas Roadhouse fired Kirsten Kelly, a 22-year-old mother of one, after she posted on Facebook that she wasn't happy with the tips she got from customers, Toledo Now News reports. Kirsten says her post was vague, and claims she didn't mention any customers' names or her employer.

"I just said, if you come into a restaurant and spend 50 or more dollars, you should be able to tip like appropriately for that," Kristen explained. She admitted she was pretty angry after a Friday night shift during which she only made $60 because people weren't tipping well, KFOR writes.

In most cases, an angry post on Facebook would end there -- but Kirsten didn't realize that one of the customers she mentioned was a a former classmate and Facebook friend. The woman wasn't happy with the post, and printed off a screenshot that she then brought to the restaurant. The manager then told Kirsten they had to let her go because her comment was inappropriate. Kristen said she was absolutely stunned when she found out

"They told me that I knew what I was doing when I posted that, and they would have to let me go because a customer came in [who had] printed off a screen shot of it. They were really upset," Kristen explained in a WTOL interview.

The Texas Roadhouse says there was more to the post, which has since been deleted. The Daily Mail reports, "The Texas Roadhouse explained that Kelly was fired for using a derogatory name to refer to the customer. Their policy states that workers can not mention the restaurant on social media."

"I knew that they could have yelled at me for that, but I didn't think they could fire me for posting that," Kristen said.

Was Texas Roadhouse right to fire Kelly? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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