Recluse found dead actually secret millionaire

Recluse Found Dead Actually Secret Millionaire
Recluse Found Dead Actually Secret Millionaire

A man who was found dead outside of his battered New York home had the appearance of a hermit - but he was worth millions. George Konnight, 79, kept to himself after his sister died, and police say he lived a very simple life.

His house would appear abandoned to most people: It had just one working light and was without plumbing or heat. This is surprising to many, as Konnight banked $3 million from selling about 30 acres of land last November.

It's unclear what caused his death, but a lawyer who worked with Konnight's family for 15 years told The Journal News they owned as many as 200 acres and Konnight and his sisters lived in the home since they were kids. They mostly sold portions of the land to support themselves.

Detectives believe Konnight died of a medical condition. The Rockland Medical Examiner's Office plans to do an autopsy. According to his lawyer, the $3 million will be donated to charity.

Though George's fortune was a secret to many, these celebs have built much more visible empires. Check out the Forbes Celebrity 100 list:

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