Man living on rock to raise money for wounded soldiers

Man Living On Rock To Raise Money For Wounded Soldiers
Man Living On Rock To Raise Money For Wounded Soldiers

One British man is taking things to the extreme to raise money for wounded soldiers.

Thirty-eight-year-old Nick Hancock is currently 29 days into his self-imposed 60-day challenge of living on this large rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Named Rockall, it's located more than 200 miles off the coast of Ireland.

He's spending his days inside a retrofitted yellow water tank that's harnessed to the rock. The Guardian reports it's 6 feet long and just 4 feet wide. It's not even tall enough for Hancock to sit up in properly.

NBC says, "Is your pod made to withstand those waves if one does swamp the rock?"

"I'm as confident as I can be that if I do get hit by water, I'm not going anywhere," Hancock replied.

And that confidence is key, because after taking a look at Hancock's Twitter account -- which he uses to keep fans updated on his journey -- that section of the ocean has been hit with some pretty serious wind and storms.

How he has Internet service on that remote rock, we wish we knew.

Maybe he figured out how to keep in touch with everyone during his first expedition on Rockall, which took place over five days in 2012. His website notes that during this trip he was gathering information for this 2014 60-day challenge.

Now, Hancock is living on this rock to raise money for charity, but in the process, he also hopes to set a new record for the longest time a single person has spent on that island.

The current record is held by Special Air Service veteran Tom McClean, who lived on the rock for 40 days in 1985.

Hancock's dreams might fall short, though. The BBC reports he lost four barrels of supplies in a storm Wednesday.

Hancock tweeted that because of that loss, he might be forced to return home early and that he's looking into getting help from Kilda Cruises, a company that provides boat trips to islands around Scotland.

So far, Hancock has raised more than 5,000 pounds for the charity Help for Heroes. His goal is to bring in 10,000 pounds.

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